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Limited Edition Framed Stock - these are the only pictures of the MJ Millar Ranch collection for sale. Shipping and handling extra. Click on the tabs to see pricing, sizes and availability. These pictures were framed by a local, award-winning framer, and are all high-quality.



This is our best seller. Not only is this mare very beautiful, but the composition is unique in that a gust of wind came along at the right moment to sweep away a few strands of forelock from her quiet eye. Many people have commented on how human she looks.


Cool Waters

One of the first photos that opened up the art print market for us. This photo is outstanding with its sparkling ambience and lovely form and coloring.



This photo is a beautiful capture of the few minutes before darkness, with its peace, tranquility and coolness.


A favorite. Best shown off in a deeply set frame. A mysterious picture, with the dapples adding some charm.



This unusual photograph was taken with the sun glaring right over the mare's withers. It lit the foal's face with pale glowing light, showing off perfect features with incredible detail and color despite the powerful light.


A playful composite picture, a big favorite with kids. At exhibitions, a child would stop, point and squeal with a delightful giggle, "Look, Mommy! They're fighting!"


White Lightning

Surprisingly fleet and coordinated for being only a couple hours old, this foal is probably feeling the exhilaration of many new sensations as it circles this part of the foaling pasture. It ran several 200 foot circles, and always knew where to close the circle to find its worried mom again.

Noble Profile

A photo showing off a beautiful head and neck, and large, gentle eyes. She reached to sniff a visitor's hand.


Stallion in the Mist

This stallion was prancing around, showing off when this shot was taken in late August of 2004.


Peekaboo Grey

A mysterious picture of a lovely, but shy grey mare who looks much like a spanish mustang. She was looking over the back of another horse.

Foals in the Reeds

Great "feel" in this picture - one can feel the wind that is blowing the reeds like a ribbon. The foals were almost hidden and silently watched as I went by.


One of the most exotic looking photos I've ever taken - and yet unnamed. I was actually wanting a portrait of this foal but a mare walked in front of the camera. This picture is so visually and sensually powerful - the rich dapples, the wind in the foal's ear hairs, the hint of just part of it's eye. This picture is truly stunning!


A silver-grey mare in the shade, with just part of her brow and her eye bathed in sunlight. Grey horses are really rewarding to photograph.

Like This Ma?

Seems to be the question this foal is asking its mother as it synchronizes its steps through the water.

A grey foal only an hour old, shrouded in wisps of its mother's tail. This picture is simple, yet beautiful and very elegant.

Wind in the Reeds

Despite the high wind, these foals seemed quite at ease, but alert, in the rustling reeds. Moments later, a warning snort from a mare sent the band running for higher ground and an open clearing.

Got Spotted

A beautiful black and white draft filly.

Fall Mares

A small group of mares on a September pasture. After the foals are weaned in September, the mares are put together into fall grazing pastures.

Walking on Water

The foals learn at an early age not to fear water because it is everywhere, but even in this picture, the foal has a curious but cautious expression as it walks across this skin of rain water.


When mares and foals move quickly like this, the foals look like they are glued to their mother's shoulder. The mare can turn in any direction and the foal will still be right by her side.


Lazy, hot summer days - a good time to rest in the shade. The composition of this picture is charming!

Let's Go for a Stroll!

Early September, just before weaning time, a group of foals walking down a path, very independent and not concerned at all about staying close to mom. They are socializing now with others of their own age.


Nestled comfortably in deep straw in the foaling pasture, this mare is enjoying the warm spring sunshine.


An enhanced print showing more than just the likeness between mare and foal.

Beyond These Doors

This photogenic foal is a joy to photograph. His curiosity was easy to capture and use in this playful, yet meaningful, composite.



This is the picture that introduced me to the joys of capturing expression and beauty and the unusual in portraits. This picture would not have been as charming had this gorgeous foal not turned its ear.

It's Not Pot!

You never know what kind of plants you come across sometimes, but this foal's investigation and taste-test assures this is not a "weed".

October Color

A pair of belgian mares roaming around the fall colors of early October.



A portrait of a foal that isn't just a picture of a head. The composition of this picture is what makes it so unusual and charming. The stem of grass, the wrinkled nose, and of course, the foal's beauty.


A group of draft and draft cross mares under a canopy of October oaks.


A graceful picture of nature's gift - the ability to nurture and nourish. I love the curve of the foal's neck around the mare's belly.

Spring Puddles

Low areas in the pastures collect snow and rain water from which the horses will drink as they pass. This foal wasn't going to get its feet wet! What seems to make this picture so appealing is the soft coloring, and the soft sweep of the mare's mane.


An alert foal framed against the pile of straw it was sleeping in. I came upon it when it was snoozing. It heard me coming, jumped up and instantly looked for mom, but I was between it and its mother. What to do!!?? is the expression it has.

Santa Lost a Present!

is what these foals are saying in this composite done for a Christmas Card in 2004. One can only imagine their cautious approach, their thorough investigation, and what happens after!






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