MJ Millar Ranch

Dick's lovely lone mane, bleached from summer sun, backlit here by a smokey setting summer fall sun.
MJ Millar Ranch - 2006 Photo Collection

A unique photo collection. Moments captured here have made me smile - exactly what I want my viewer to do. This gallery shows off the incredible appeal and natural beauty of the horses I come in contact with almost every day.



Mare 23-0 - watching her surroundings.
Stallions, Carl and Son.
Thoroughbred stallion, Johnny.
This is Foal Q28, picking his way through the fall-painted hazelnut bushes.
Foal 28, always photogenic.
A beautiful fiery chestnut, Foal 24-0.
Foal 56.
A study of the beautiful cury mane of Foal 78.
Ringo with his mares.
Newborn foal 28, staying with mom.
A look back at something pesky - me!
Appy foal 11
Horse love thistles!  This is foal 79
An action series - Foal 38
Another of my favorites - this little bird hitches a ride.
The photo that made it on the cover of Practical Horseman in January of 2007.  This is Foal 28.
Rosehips, goldenrod and raspberry bushes frame this buckskin - 4-99
Sun sifting through these pasture trees.
Look closely, there is a bird that really needs to get out of the way quickly!
Tequila, the patriarch.  Still beautiful over the age of 20.
Spotted Draft stallion, Pete.  This shot is one of my favorites.
A puff of wind lifts Nick's mane.
A storm brewing over the marsh country
A playful trio of foals in late summer
A study of a lovely belgian mane
Belgians - easy to photograph
Soft willows - even feels good for this foal - Foal 19-99
Houston! We have a problem!
A nice group of mares.
My daughter with Mare 178
Color bouncing around can be seen for miles!
Splashes of color - foals resting in the pasture
Like two pranksters
Motherly instincts from an Auntie
Like a veil - this is foal 76
Spunky 32-99
Trying to keep up to mom - Foal 6
Spotted Draft filly 56
The unique S02
Foal 86, feeling left behind
A lovely thoroughbred-clyde cross foal, 2-99
A lovely portrait of Thoroughbred cross foal 7-99
Actually meaning to take a picture of the mare and foal, the camera's focus changed to the goose flying up in the line of focus.
Foal 155 having lunch
Shy, and beautiful, foal 170
Foal 113, skeptically watching unexplainable movement in the bushes ahead
A beautiful photo, very detailed, of Foal 4-99 resting in the fresh summer growth
Ringo in early summer dewy sunlight
Foal 86, tossing his head playfully

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