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Foothills Equestrian Centre

The website of my good friend, Dana Dewey, whose insight into the personalities of people and their horses has given me a new outlook. If you need to learn the hows and whys of true horsemanship, talk to Dana. She ranks with the best.


Zircon Kennels

Looking for quality english bull terriers? Here is the website of long-time friend, Cindy Mowez. Way to go, Cindy!


Deerhorn Equine Ranch

The website of Lois Byron, Lundar, Manitoba. Designed and maintained by Hilda Zotter/Prancing Pixels.


MJ Millar Ranch

This is an equine ranch located in Lundar, Manitoba, and is owned and operated by Mitch Millar. I spent 6 wonderful years with this ranch, and have collected a huge number of beautiful photos. This was where my interest in photography and graphics started, and I thank Mitch for opening this new horizon.



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