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In the Public Eye - Advertising, Graphics and Composition

Create - to cause or stimulate to come into existence!

Good business advertising, development and promotion starts with the right people - you! With your ideas, concepts and vision, I can help you create the right look for your business!

The composition above was done with three separate photos. It is the theme picture for Deerhorn Equine Ranch.

Commercial Design


A photo, taken by Hilda Zotter, of a 2006 MJ Millar Ranch foal - gracing the cover of Practical Horseman, January 2007 issue.

This ad ran in The Spotlight - the official magazine for the North American Spotted Draft Horse Association. All photos in this ad done by Hilda Zotter.


An ad runnning in a sopisticated magazine targetting the field hunter sport - exactly the kind of horse this ranch breeds. All photos in this ad done by Hilda Zotter.

This and the one beside are black and white ads, with spot color - one in blue and one in red. All photos in this ad done by Hilda Zotter.



One of the earlier ads done for this ranch. All photos in this ad done by Hilda Zotter.

Zircon Kennels - at the top of their game with #1 bull terrier in Canada! ! All photos in this ad were provided by the customer.


All photos in this ad were provided by the customer. Logo diamond designed by Hilda Zotter.


This ad was actually printed as a black and white. Photo provided by the customer.


A simple, yet lovely ad. To convey the feel of "Cottonwood", I softened the photo edges, and used greens as the font and backdrop colors. Photos provided by the customer. It is a treat to work with this kind of quality photography!


A cleanly presented product attracts business. When customers check you out, there should be nothing out of place, or dirty and shabby. To a potential customer, the effort you put into presenting your business will relate to the quality of your service. It starts with good photographs, and skilled graphics work.

All photos below by Hilda Zotter. All trucks and trailers owned by MJ Millar Ranch, except the last one - the black pair - which is owned by Hilda and Werner Zotter.

This tiny, but eye-catching space is used for a web banner in websites that sell advertising and linked space for your business website. These have to stand out from possible hundreds of others that are competing for a potential customer.


Business cards are a must for any business. These are unique to the business as they make use of own photos and logos.

Abov e is front and back of a brochure made for MJ Millar Ranch. It is printed on one sheet on both sides, and folded two times vertically.

A series of Christmas cards for MJ Millar Ranch - a tradition I hope to carry on for many, many years! There are limitless possibilities! These compositions are all created with several separate photos. These serve primarily as "e-cards". New ideas are welcome!

"Santa Lost a Present!"


"Dashing Through the Snow!"

"Naughty and Nice!"

Composites are some of my favorite projects. Sometimes a single picture may not say the exact message or create the right mood you want, but placing other components into the picture will help complete it. Making a composite look like an actual photograph or even a painting takes a lot of skill and patience, and also, the right set of photos.

This composite took 9 photos to complete!

And this one took 6. This one was for MJ Millar Ranch's website's home page during the Easter season of '07. Yes, the foals found a bunny!


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