MJ Millar Ranch

Registered Quarter Horse Mare, Ice and Dice, owned by Werner and Hilda Zotter
About Prancing Pixels

My love of photography, art and horses has culminated in a long-time dream - the freedom to create. My website name defines two passions - the horse and the digital media.

Equines were the subject of many detailed and intricate pencil drawings in early years until the power and appeal of digital cameras and design software opened up new creative horizons. From the fall of 2002 to the present, this has been a great journey of discovery - from absolute computer illiterate to professional - self-taught in such a short time.

This website shows much of my work in the past few years - the earliest photos going back to 2003 from my work with MJ Millar Ranch. My photography has branched from horses to other pets, and people, with weddings filling more and more of my calendar. Though I specialize in equine photography, I love my work in graphics, design and office software just as much. It was only natural that creating and maintaining extensive html-based websites has also been added to my list of accomplishments.


~ Hilda Zotter ~



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